St. Augustine & Arabi Wrecking Krewe International e.V.

Founders & Officers of the Relief Organisation

Fats  von  Gerolstein

Dr. Klaus Lumma


Dagmar Lumma


We give our support in the name of the Lord and we feel walking upright and encouraging people to join us for the relief of the many, many hurricane Katrina victims is a basic human impact not only for the people of New Orleans but for all of us who in whatever way have had any benefit from the great gift of JAZZ and Afro-American culture. Without the efforts of our colleagues at St. Augustine Catholic Church of the Tremé and the Arabi Wrecking Krewe Incorporation the good tradition of that culture could loose its home.

Armand "Sheik" Richardson & Father Jerome G. LeDoux. Besides working with the St. Augustine Catholic Church and with the Arabi Wrecking Krewe Inc. both from New Orleans Louisiana we cooperate with

New Orleans Hilfe e.V.
 SOS Ascona
Lillian Boutté Support System
 and with the Dutch
Stichting New Orleans Dusty Duds

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      The officers meet in Germany: Sheik Richardson, Dagmar & Klaus Lumma in front of the Guardiano sculpture of IHP - Institute for Humanistic Psychology