St. Augustine & Arabi Wrecking Krewe International e.V.

Renew New Orleans & Bring the Musicians Back

about us

Started shortly after Hurricane Katrina landfall August 29th 2005
in close cooperation with the dutch Stichting New Orleans Dusty Duds being the "mother" of the Hurricane Brassband Maastricht NL in cooperation with other jazzbands and musicians in the EUREGIO Rhein/Maas Rivers and together with IHP - the German Institute for Humanistic Psychology e.V.
for the efforts of                               
St. Augustine
Catholic Church Tremé

with Father Jerome G. LeDoux

Father LeDoux and the
Baton Rouge Gospel Rappers

and for the
Arabi Wrecking Krewe * AWK Inc. New Orleans
Board of Directors: Armand Sheik Richardson, Craig Klein, Carol Kolinchak und Brian West

Fats Domino's house in the 9th Ward

Fr. Jerome G. LeDoux * Pastor
Lillian Boutté * Ambassador of Jazz
Leroy Jones – Jazztrompeter & Sänger
Armand „Sheik“ Richardson * President AWK Arabi Wrecking Krewe

Jerome Cardynaals & Lillian Boutté * French Quarter Festival 2006

 Fall 2005 all of you have seen the pictures of the terrible catastrophy that Hurricane Katrina has caused in New Orleans, the world capital of afro-american culture.

 Not all of you might know that up to now the officials have just started to repair the holes in the levés - no more than that, although the government has promised much more.

    Emanuel Boutté in the hit area


One year after the catastrophy only private initiatives (like this one and many more all over the world) have given support for the hurricane relief in order to rebuild the most important areas of the afro-american roots: Tremé - Arabi - Gentilly - Chalmette ................ to bring the music and the people back.


Our support started with GENERAL  FUNDRAISING / DONATIONS / STEETMUSIC  FUNDRAISING  and now our support is organised by the 2006 non-profit corporations of

St. Augustine & AWK International  e.V.
Benevolent Relief Organisation For New Orleans Louisiana


             9th Ward behind the Industrial Canal


We will keep this organisation alive until the
Afro-American cultural neighbourhoods
are full of life & music again. 

                                                                                                                          Craig Klein's instruments


You are also invited to keep yourself informed via the website of the Hurricane Brassband Maastricht Netherlands:

You may also be interested in learning more about flooding and hurricanes before the Katrina desaster: