St. Augustine & Arabi Wrecking Krewe International e.V.



New Orleans Jazz Ensemble * Member of the International Renew New Orleans Mission
Leader: Fats von Gerolstein

We play jazz in order to support the rebuilding of the Afro-American neighbourhoods of
New Orleans Louisiana. We play regularly at the Talbahnhof-Eschweiler Bistro (Germany) for the series SPIRIT  OF  NEW  ORLEANS.  Please check "events" on this website. Please also look at:

We do so in gratitude for the present of JAZZ these wonderful people have given to us.
If you want to book Fats Jazz Cats, we will be glad to come to your festival, your special occasion - and we would even give a "New Orleans Talk" with up-to-date pictures. The money you pay for the gig will go to St. Augustine & AWK International e.V. - the benevolent support system for New Orleans Louisiana.

F A T S   J A Z Z   C A T S   on the international FQF stage 2007 in New Orleans  Fats & Ben Smith from New Orleans in their dialog of friendship (not to be seen: HP Schüller on Piano * Peter Hermann on drums  * Wolfgang Friedrich on clarinet * Fritz Neidlinger on Tenorsax 

As you may find out on these websites our support system is in direct contact with the eldest Catholic Afro-American parish in the USA and with the AWK Arabi Wrecking Krewe Inc., the local non-profit relief organisation in the resurrection area.

 At your request
we also compose and write
a song for your special occasion -
in the style of New Orleans Jazz.


Please direct your request via eMail to: or dial the cell phone number in Germany
0049 163 231 1470


HaJo Stumm: Fats' stageportrait

with Julien's New Orleans Friends at the Lazy River Jazzclub Ghent B

 HP Schüller - Ben Busscher - Jerome Cardynaals (10 year old) at Talbahnhof Eschweiler, Germany

In 2007 Fats is invited to play Kermit and Karen Ruffins' wedding with the Tremé Brassband

The  ARABI  WRECKING  KREWE  Allstar trumpet section on the River Stage of FQF 2007: Young Fellow * Trumpet Fats * Sheik Richardson * Leroy Jones