St. Augustine & Arabi Wrecking Krewe International e.V.


We'll be happy about any donation, be it a big or a small amount of money!

As you may realize from reading this website we are in  DIRECT  CONTACT with those people of New Orleans who the donations are meant for. Our Relief Organisation does not need a high cost office - so the donations get there with a minimum of expense.

 If you want to give support by a regular contribution, please become a member of the St. Augustine & AWK International e.V. and send us your membership fee of 60 EUR per year. 

Become a Member of  SAWK International - the first rate relief organisation in Germany.

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St. Augustine & AWK International e.V.
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Every donor will get a donation-receipt which is tax deductible (§ 10b Einkommensteuergesetz) Please let us know your name, first name and postal adress together with your donation.