St. Augustine & Arabi Wrecking Krewe International e.V.


SUPPORT  EVENTS  from Hurricane Katrina landfall 2005.08.29 UP  TO  NOW
September 05  Fund-raising Flyer „New Orleans braucht unsere Hilfe“ – „Help de inwoners van New Orleans“ - "New Orleans needs our help"
September 12th 05  Nederland TV Film on the Fund-Raising of the Hurricane Brassband NL
September 25th 05 Radio- Interview L1 with Hugo Kuijpers & Franck van de Wijer
September 15th 05  Approval by the US Embassy of Berlin Germany: Ambassador Timken
Sep & Okt 05  Maastricht streetparades & fundraising on 5 saturdays * Patron = City of Maastricht
October 2nd 05  Amsterdam Habitat for Humanity Benefit Conzert for the US embassy in Amsterdam NL * Ambassador of Jazz Mrs. Lillian Boutté together with the Dutch Hurricane BB & the David Livingstone Jazzband
October 15th 05  Franck van de Wijer, NL * Power-Point-Slide-Show Katrina Aftermath

Hurricane Brassband - having a marching fundraise in Maastricht NL

 October 5th 05  Maastricht Benefit concerts & streetparades at Jazz Maastricht Festival *
Many bands and gueststars like Thomas l’Etienne * Earl Conway * Hurricane Brassband * Happy Feet Brassband * Maryland Jazzband
October 22nd to 23rd 05  Düren Benefit Jazzfestival inn cooperation with America Haus Cologne * Patron: US Gerneralkonsul NRW Mr. George Knowles

November 13th 05  Eckelrade NL Gospel Mass & Benefit Concert  with the Bartho Singers * ju.time gospel train (Weltjugendtag choir) * Hurricane Brassband
November/Dezember 05 Jazz Thing magazine article 1 about the fund-raising action
Januar/Februar 06 Jazz Thing magazine article 2 about the actual situation in Tremé & Ninth Ward of New Orleans
February 7th 06  Sittard Benefiz Konzert Showburg * Rabo Bank NL * Hurricane Brassband
March 18th 06  Eschweiler Germany: Hurricane Brassband NL at Talbahnhof
March 29th 06  Eschweiler Talbahnhof Benefit Gala with 3 Bands "Fats 45 years on stage"
Sun Lane LTD * Hurricane Brassband * Fats Jazz Cats - supported by Walter Danz TB * Eschweiler Jazzclub e.V.* Lions Club * Max Krieger Kulturmanagement
April 8th 06 Berg.-Gladbach Café Leichtsinn: Dancing event for the New Orleans support
Mid-April to begin of May 06 New Orleans: Hurricane BB at French Quarter Festival

Pastor Jesse Jackson & Wynton Marsalis at Congo Square

Many Festival concerts and wrecking with the Arabi Wrecking Krewe * Jazz Mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church Tremé  * US TV performance at the Dew Drop * Start of Dr.Lumma's training programme for Post-Trauma-Stress-Counseling

 Boy Group John Franck Fats Hugo Leroy 

Mai 19th 06 Hamm Westfalen Jazzclub: Hurricane BB  Benefit concert "Funky Jazz & Mardi Gras Music"
June / July 06 Ascona Jazz: Opening up-Parade and daily Jazz on the Piazza & „New Orleans Talks“ with Sheik Richardson (Slide Show), Lillian Boutté, Emanuel Boutté, Craig Klein und Leroy Jones.

Lillian Boutté & Fats von Gerolstein

August 8th 06  “Fats' New Orleans Talk” at Rotary Club Germany Aachen North
September 2nd 06 Jazzmass at St. Paulus Vaals NL * Memorial for Jos Vaasen


 September 29th 06 Start of Jazz Weekend Kerpen Germany with Lillian Boutté, Maryland Jazzband of Cologne, Hurricane Brassband Maastricht & "Fats' New Orleans Talk"
September 30th 06 Fats Jazz Cats at Talbahnhof Eschweiler * Germany - international 8 piece band & "Fred's New Orleans Talk".

with Horst Schmidt on mouthorgan and Lalo from Italy  on trumpet

October 06 fundraising tour Ascona, Angera, Stresa and Locarno with Lillian Boutté, Phil Parnell, Nora Dejoie, Sheik Richardson, Luca Martinelli, Nicolas Gilliet, Gillian Mc Leoad. Paola Cerutti, Sonia Monteggia, Albino Scarinzi & Fats von Gerolstein

 City Logo of Angera * Provincia di Varese *Italia

March 3rd 07 Fats Jazz Cats - in honour of the wonderful people of New Orleans - have the premiere of author Gailly's "An evening at the club" at Talbahnhof Eschweiler, Germany.

March 29th 07 Fats Jazz Cats start "Spirit of New Orleans" meetings at Talbahnhof Eschweiler the German "preservation hall of jazz" in the Euregio Maas-Rhein. There are 8 night concerts and one sunday matiné: 26. April 07 with Fred Lumma * 30. Mai 07 * 04. Juli 07 with Sheik Richardson AWK from New Orleans * 22. Juli = Sunday Matiné 11am to 2pm * 23. August 07 * 20. September 07 * 25. Oktober 07 * 29. November 07 = finale for 2007

April 11th to 23rd 07 Dr. Lumma visits New Orleans Musician Clinic, St. Augustine Church & Fellowship Hall. (click on news to get more details) Our member HP Schüller joins him with some of the issues.

May 7th 08 Spirit of New Orleans Revival night with Fats Jazz Cats at Talbahnhof Eschweiler * Euregio Preservation Hall *